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Welcome at Tunde-world!




Welcome at Tunde - World!

What do you think why Health QiGong and Tai chi practice are so popular?


Health Qigong and Tai Chi are a great alternative health practice that can help people take control of their well-being, stay healthy and prevent or mitigate chronic illness.

When the immune system isn’t healthy and functioning as it’s designed to that is when we get sick. Practicing QiGong and Tai chi can be very beneficial in helping to keep your immune system strong in so many ways. No pill or supplement that can boost your immune system.

 Qigong can help when you have symptoms of headache, poor sleeping, stiff neck or shoulders, backaches. Tai chi increases flexibility and the spring of ligaments. They are a good gentle stretch and an acupuncture treatment combined, which improves the circulation of fluids and energy in the body to lessen the impact of injuries and allow more rapid healing.

Moreover, practise them can make you calmer, more peaceful, happier. Give the ideal foundation for a life of physical and mental well-being.

The health QiGong and Tai Chi are a safety exercise system for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Come and try for Free and 10% less for SENIORS at Tunde-world by Tunde.

What is your intention for this Year? Maybe you want to have more energy, decrease stress, or get your body moving and your blood flowing?

  • Can help the health Qigong and Tai Chi to improve bone densities? The answer is, Yes!
  • Can Tai chi help to people with type 2 diabetes improve their physical and mental wellbeing, say Australian researchers? The answer is, Yes!
  • Can Health Qigong and Tai Chi help reduce your back pain? The answer is , Yes!
  • Can Health Qigong and Tai Chi help change your life if you have Multiple Sclerosis? The answer is, Yes! Watch the video
  • Can Health Qigong and Tai Chi help if you have problem with everyday living have symptoms such as headache, poor sleeping, stiff neck or shoulders, backaches? The answer is, yes. Read more there

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