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Acai Berry

Region Grown

Floodplain areas of the Amazon River.

This powerful berry is a deep purple color, similar shape to a blueberry, with a hard inner seed that occupies 90% of the berry. The taste of Açai has been described as a rich berry flavor with a subtle chocolate aftertaste.

Brazilian Uses
Açaí is a staple food for the people of the Amazon and is eaten every day when it is in season. Açaí has recently become very popular blending in drinks or served in bowls in areas such as Rio for it’s health and energy properties.

Key Benefits

Research shows Acai to be loaded with antioxidants, 500% more than blueberries, that bind to free radicals and help fight disease and aging.


Nutritional Benefits of ACAI:

Named one of the most potent antioxidant fruits in existence, Acai packs an abundance of nutritious benefits in one small berry. Slightly larger than a blueberry, each deep-purple fruit contains a thin layer of edible pulp  known as the mesocarp surrounded by dark skin  known as the exocarp all encompassing a large seed  known as theendocarp. The exocarp and mesocarp of the berry provide considerably powerful nutrients. Its nutrient richness is so significant that the people of South America have traditionally used the Acai berry as a medicinal aid for digestive and skin conditions. In fact, consuming the berry is also culturally associated with promoting energy. Acai offers a multitude of health benefits through its nutrients including:

Other Health Benefits of the Acai Berry:

Acai fruit
This little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. It can often be found in juice form in health food and gourmet stores.

(*(pronounced “uss uh eeh”)

Açaí – energetic potential of the Amazon
Açaí (Euterpe precatoria) is a palm tree that occurs in several regions of the Amazon. Its fruit pulp is being used for making Juices and ice creams. The fruits nutritional values are extraordinary. The delicious taste and especially its scientifically proven energetic properties have been causing a growing demand throughout Brazil.

Compared with raw cow milk, Açaí fruit pulp contains:

4 times more energy
3 times more lipids
7 times more carbohydrates
118 times more iron
9 times more vitamin B1
8 times more vitamin C
the same amount of protein and calcium
half as much phosphorus
and even fights cholesterol and free radicals.