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Health Benefits of Tai Chi and QiGong


Health Benefits of Tai Chi and QiGong

QiGong is a breathing exercise, Tai Chi is a moving QiGong, therefore it is a moving breathing exercise.

QiGong is by far the most appealing of all modalities to kill stress because it achieves 3 very important steps.

•           Synchronizing your mind, your body and your breathing.

When all 3 are aligned you get your body into it has optimal state of flow- and this is where your natural healing abilities being to kick in.


Best exercise for balance: Tai chi

Tai chi has many physical benefits. “It’s more aerobic than you think,” says Chang. “It exercises the heart and helps prevent heart disease.” The slow, extended weight shifting helps improve bone density and joint stability. The movements also stretch and strengthen muscles.

Like yoga, tai chi has a meditative quality that can trigger the relaxation response. This well-studied physiological change can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen consumption, adrenaline levels, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

" From health.harvard.edu "

In theory, Tai Chi directly affects Chi - the "vital energy" or "life force" of the body - where proper flow of Chi is said to be necessary to maintain health. During Tai Chi, this energy flows through the body through a network of a number of body pathways (meridians from acupuncture). When these pathways are blocked, Chi does not flow properly, and in theory, illness ensues. Tai Chi is thought to stimulate this flow of Chi through the body and organs through its movements and breathing can be seen as acupuncture from the inside. The only difference is, acupuncture use needles to get his/her body meridians through or unblocked, uses your own Chi to get your meridians through.

Tai Chi & Qigong help in China and around the world. These methods have been proven and continue to be proven to achieve harmony balance of body, mind and spirit.  Can help to reduce stress, tension, pain,  poor sleep, high blood pressure, diabetes type II and more.

Tai chi and QiGong are a safe exercise system for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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