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Why Health QiGong and Tai Chi good for kids?

I believe the health Qigong and Tai Chi are excellent programs for kids!

For school-going kids, nowadays it is a stressful experience with worries about peer pressure, studies, future decisions, and competition. Regular practice of meditation, Health QiGong and Tai Chi is the need of the hour, to reverse these negative experiences and prepare for a bright future.

What are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi, Health QiGong and meditation for school going children? Learning the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Health QiGong is an enjoyable way for children to relax, have fun, and strengthen body and mind. This increases their attention in the classroom and of course the retention of the knowledge they gain.

Moreover, meditation can make children calmer, more peaceful, happier and relaxed - every time they practice it. The breathing and relaxation techniques help to create calm classrooms and reduce exam stress.

The training program will be a way to improve kids focus, health and happiness, and will be a welcome addition to any classroom. Improves their creativity, improves their concentration, reduces stress levels and facilitates better interaction with peers.

Furthermore, the Health QiGong and Tai Chi breathing processes help to eliminate fear, anxiety and depression. They provide practical tools that enable you to effectively handle stress and negative emotions. The foundation for a life of physical and mental well-being.

I believe the health Qigong and Tai Chi are excellent programs for children.

Please find attached references from Christine Muir MAPS MCEDP and Kim McArtney Interim Head of RIDBC (Click for reference) Auslan Bilingual Programs, Principal RIDBC Thomas Pattinson School for your record.

Why QiGong and Tai Chi good for kids?