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QiGong Helps You

If you do not invest on caring your health today, you are planning to invest on doctors in future.
Most of people only care sickness, not health! How is sad!
Are you eat quickly in stress, working later in night, do you suffering from sleepless, headache, neck stiffness, backache, chronic tirednes;
The healthy QiGong will help you.

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Want to get rid of stress in office work? Symptoms: emotional, headache, sleeping matter, neck stiffness, backache, chronic tiredness, you name it?

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"Tai Chi and Qigong are NOT religions, and are mind-body sciences which can be taught in public schools. However, these internal arts can also reveal great spiritual truths, because profound spiritual truths are universal to ALL of humanity. They unfold through us when we can relax open to them, at least that has been my experience.  I feel like I more deeply understand on a real tangible level things that I had only been able to entertain intellectually via my religious education, and as all great spiritual leaders have told us ... what can be told ... is not the real truth, it is larger and ever expanding and can only be experienced ... not understood or articulated (see below religious quotes on this).

And today, we see the Roman Catholic Church evolving, un-gripping, and opening to newer, higher, lighter ways of seeing the world we live in and to the universal wisdom of humanity ... and Eastern spiritual practices, via Father Merton and Pope Francis's role in that evolution.

Therefore, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation practices are friends and allies to ALL religious traditions, but again, Atheists can enjoy their benefits as well, because these practices will make Atheists' empathy and compassion parts of their brains larger as well :-)."

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QiGong Helps You