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Oneill Wet Suit RN 77131

Oneill Wet Suit RN 77131 size 12 on Sale

ONLY for $19.00


Oneill Wet Suit RN 77131 size 12. This is a 1 owner wetsuit. I live in AU, I bought it brand new for my son and it has been worn only few times. There are no rips or tears in this suit whatsoever. Suit has extra thick neoprene rubber knee pads. The zipper works great and has never snagged. The over the shoulder pull strap is also in excellent condition. Suit has some crease folds from being stored. Tag sais RN 7713, WO# S08033571, Style# 4298, Size 12. Thank you for your consideration.

Pickup from Castle Hill. I am also happy to mail, but the cost will increase to including the mailing cost.


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