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Practice Daoyin Shi Er Fa Twelve Daoyin

Practice Daoyin Shi Er Fa Twelve Daoyin

Qigong practice of meditation and exercises helps remove the Yin/Yang blockages, so the energy can flow smoothly through the channels.To create balance in life, many people are finding Qigong as the answer.

Yin is passive, spiritual and feminine in nature.  Yang is active, physical and male in nature.  Because of the dynamic relationship of these two energies, one cannot exist without the other.  If Yin and Yang are not in good balance, a blockage will form in the body resulting in symptoms like colds, depression, tumors and so on. The blockage will keep the energy from flowing freely in certain channels which prevent energy from getting to all parts of the body.  To keep our bodies healthy, we must keep these channels open so energy flows freely and smoothly.  


Daoyin Shi Er Fa Twelve Daoyin technique from tunde_world on Vimeo.

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Practice Daoyin Shi Er Fa Twelve Daoyin |