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Newsletter for Term4 2016

Good morning Everyone,
Do you know that we are starting the Qigong /  Tai Chi Term4 in 2016
at Tunde-world ?
Well done!


Step 9, Wild Geese Land on the Beach of Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong Shi Er Fa

All movement name on page

New Term is already started on this week. Please check our time table on click

From this term ( new year ) we have a membership fees only $25. This small amount is including your size T-shirt and one video password. It is very nice when every one wear the same T shirt, isn't it? Some people are already bought it,  for them I offer another video password.

Few people ask me the bank details for payment. I happy to share all details as you not need to bring cash with you or write a check and easy for me also:) Thank you. The direct deposit payment will easier also as you can put your membership number on the information box.

"Red Dragon (tongue) stirs the sea " Main effects

  1. Modern research demonstrates that saliva helps to improve glycometabolism, and has the effect of keeping the blood sugar constant.
  2. A Japanese scholar says after research that saliva is the natural agent for the prevention of cancer, and has the function of making carcinogenic substances harmless.
  3. Chen Guopeng, a famous physician of the Qing Dynasty (1644- 1911), says in his Medical Science that saliva is "the best prescription for treating deficiency of yin."

The saliva, called "divine water", is the most valuable treasure in the world, say Taoists, and the finest subtle matter of the five elements. Swallowing the saliva helps to regulate Qi, tone the internal organs, nourish the whole body, help digestion, improve circulation, allay fatique, delay senility and promote health.

You can this anytime and every where as you studied in the class :) at Tunde-World where your life will be happy and peaceful.

Have a great day



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