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TaiChi and QiGong Term3 form 2 May 2015

Dear Student and Visitor,

Are you aware that learning Tai Chi and practicing Tai Chi help your body support more than anything. Let us focus on how Tai Chi help your body support these weeks?

Tai Chi & Qigong help tone the muscle, and strengthen major ligaments that hold the bones and other body parts together.  

Tai Chi & Qigong are gentle, non-jarring movements massages the internal organs, the lungs, heart, liver kidneys and spleen to promote physical wellness.  As a form of meditation, performing body movements with grace and poise, Tai Chi & Qigong helps you to achieve harmony balance of body, mind and spirit. 

Tai Chi & Qigong can help to improve a range of disorders including (Anxiety, Arthritis, Balance and Coordination, Fatigue, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Tension, Poor Posture and Stress)

Tai chi’s gentle, non-jarring movements support bodily functions in three basic ways:

Tai chi trains the major ligaments that serve as the springs of the body. Anatomically, the human body is kept upright by ligaments, not bones, as is commonly believed. Ligaments are also critical in keeping your internal organs from impinging on each other and thereby downgrading their functions.
Tai chi tones the muscles.
Tai chi trains biomechanical alignments, which enables the bones and internal organs to withstand the forces of gravity that pull on all the other parts of your anatomy attached to them.

Term 3 Classes are hold form 2nd May to 20nd of June 2015

  1. Castle Hill - Click on the link for address  Saturday from 9 to 10 am
  2. Dural - Click on the link Thursday from 5.30 to 6.30 pm

Mother's Day Gift available with 15 % for all booked class Click here for more information

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Term 3, Tai Chi and QiGong Classes is hold form 2nd May to 20nd of June 2015| Tundeworld |